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October 10th, 2007

*takes finger out of nose*

 Here are some interview questions for me. Tee hee!

Sour or sweet candy?

Favorite hot drink?
triple venti white mocha, extra hot from the Bux (no one does it better)

City or the suburbs?
suburbs... I was born and raised in the city and I'm tired of it now.

Performing arts, fine arts, or sports?
performing the fine art of sports

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
he wouldn't chuck any wood because he's lazy and his wife does it all for him.

Beach or mountain?
beach, for sure

Left handed or right handed?
lefty all the way

What attracts you most?

Aliens have landed and selected you to visit their home planet. Do you go with them?
yes, of course. and if they have room for me, I stay.

Describe your perfect Sunday morning.
sleeping until about noon, getting up to read the paper and having a nice huge breakfast.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
my husband, so I could find out what irritates him about me and make sure I never do it.

If you have friends coming for supper what would you cook?
I'd order pizza, because all of my friends are picky, and its the one thing they all agree on.

What makes you laugh?
just about anything!

If you could time travel to the past to correct any mistakes you feel you've made, would you?
yes, plenty of them.

What are you most proud of in your life?
the fact that I'm still living.

Do you own any pets, and if so what do you have?
nope, I grew up in a house with five siblings. with 6 kids, you don't need pets.

If you had to pick one car, what would it be?
ford bronco

Why did the chicken cross the road?
because there was no overpass.

Where is Waldo?
on earth. now leave him alone, he doesn't want you looking for him.

Are you a cat or a dog person?
neither, I'm a zebra person.

Would you rather be blind or deaf?

Define yourself in three words...
loving, emotional, spunky

Do you eat cold cereal at night?
I don't think that's any of your business. ;-)

Kill the spider or let it out?
kill that joker, its either him or me!

Do you shower every single day?
yes, and sometimes twice a day if the weather is hot.

What is your favorite pj fabric?
this nice blend of cotton and skin.

What is your favorite food?

Do you read Harry Potter books?
heck no! i'm a star wars chick.

What is your favorite place?
my bedroom.

If you could have one super human power, what would you choose?
the power to read minds.

Vitamin water or Gatorade?